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We want to make connecting with the world easier for our customers. Our blog offers tips to help with understanding phones and the internet, saving money as a home owner or business. From telephone lines and systems for your business to installing a new phone in your home, Canquest can help.

The Benefits of Choosing a Local Telecom Solutions Provider

One of my favourite things about living and working in Chatham-Kent is our small business community. We have a lot of great neighbourhoods that like to shop local and you’ll often see businesses helping out other businesses. At Canquest, we offer high-speed internet solutions to residents and local businesses, so we have seen the power and difference that comes from working with a local telecom provider. Our ongoing success is due to our ability to adapt to the constantly changing telecommunications market, ensuring our customers always have the latest technology available. Whether you’re streaming your favourite show at home or uploading documents at the office there are plenty of reasons you should choose a local telecommunications business partner.


What Internet Speed is Right for You

For the past year, Chatham residents have been online more than ever. The rising number of gamers, smart devices, and more families cutting out cable - choosing to stream their favourite television shows. But the highest jump of usage in the past year is thanks to COVID 19. Thousands of people in Chatham-Kent have started working at home. Others who have been laid off have doubled… even tripled their streaming and gaming habits. Before we look into improving your internet speeds, let’s find out how much speed you really need.


Data Caps vs Unlimited Internet Plan

Unlimited data works - much in the same way as an all you can eat buffet. The restaurant knows that you can only eat a limited amount of food in one sitting. Just like most internet providers know that an average household only needs a limited amount of data. Still, we continue to feast at buffets, simply because we can. Being opposed to limits is human nature, but is the ongoing expense worth the odd indulgence? Let’s take a look at both options to find out which one is for you.


Tips to Improve the Speed of Your Internet

High-speed internet is a necessity for many people. Whether you’ve turned your home into your work office due to the COVID-19 pandemic or you’re planning to watch the newest release on Netflix, high-speed internet allows you to achieve several things.


4 Reasons to Bundle Phone and Internet

There are several reasons why it makes sense to bundle your phone plan with your internet plan. The following article will discuss why it is a practical decision.


Canquest making huge splash with Internet service

Canquest Communications wants to help make your life simpler; let them handle the complexities such as phone and Internet service, while you save big money. The local home and business phone line provider says all someone needs is reliable Internet to enjoy the discounts and quality of service that they offer. And now Canquest provides both, at rates much lower than what the big guys offer.


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