Canquest Communications (Canada) Inc. is a privately held company that sees its core business as providing innovative and intelligent communication solutions for its customers.

Founded in 1994, Canquest is focused on its experience in exploiting opportunities based on the integration of telephony and computer technologies. As a service bureau, Canquest currently supports in excess of 20 million active PIN's worldwide based out of Chatham, Ontario, Canada

In 1997 Canquest Communications (Wireless) Inc. was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Canquest Communications (Canada) Inc. Canquest Wireless commenced operations in July 1998 offering prepaid wireless services across Canada and is positioned to utilize the parent business model while drawing upon existing resources and skill sets resident in the parent company.

In 2000, Canquest Communications (Online) Inc. was also incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Canquest Communications (Canada) Inc. Prepaid internet is so easy to use, economical and reliable that you really don't need anything else.


In accordance with sharing and resale regulations outlined in Telecom Decision CRTC 92-12 (Decision 92-12), dated June 12, 1992 and Bell Canada tariffs reflecting Decision 92-12, Canquest Communications (Canada) Inc. is registered as a reseller of telecommunication services.

In accordance with section 16.3 of the Telecommunications Act, as amended by Bill C-17 and by CRTC Decision 98-17, Canquest is licensed for the provision of basic international telecommunications services. (Effective January 20, 1999) Last October, the CRTC ruled that all providers of international telecommunications services to or from Canada (including to or from the U.S. as well as overseas) require licenses.

License File # 8190-C36-01/98

Calling Card Swipe Mode Access ("Card Swipe Access")

Since October, 1997, Canquest Communications (Canada) Inc. has subscribed to the Card Swipe Access Service (National Services Tariff Item 909) offered by BC TEL, TELUS Communications Inc., Saskatchewan Telecommunications, MTS Netcom Inc., Bell Canada, NewTel Communications Inc., The New Brunswick Telephone Company Limited, Maritime Tel & Tel Limited and The Island Telephone Company Limited ("Stentor")

"Swipe Access" is widely used by many of our clients today.
CPP Identifier # 101

Consumer Protection Awareness

Canquest has implemented a corporate policy to ensure that full disclosure has been given to cardholders in regards to rates, expiry dates and any other miscellaneous charges that may be applied to prepaid phone cards. Canquest must be kept up-to-date of such marketing information including copies of any point of sale displays. Canquest strongly feels that it is our moral and professional obligation to ensure that consumers are informed of what they are purchasing before making a decision to obtain a prepaid service in Canada.

Support for unique customer needs is provided by a team of experienced program managers that ensure the successful delivery of all programs. The role of program management is to establish process, co-ordinate operational technical details of the program, and provide assistance for marketing activities. Program management is supported by operational staff to ensure the integrity of our service. 

Canquests surround services have been designed to encompass the full range of needs associated with prepaid transaction processing. Customer care is an important part of our services and consists of qualified neutral accent, multilingual staff to assist with call completion, account information, recharging and program details.

Canquest utilizes the Nortel CINTECH Cinphony II Automatic Call Distributor in our Call Center. ACD directs calls to Agents in Groups and applies user-defined call distribution procedures. It provides real-time System and Group Status, and generates reports to help monitor and manage our CSR's performance levels using both qualitative and quantitative measurements.

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